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About us

At IPS we care about people.

As a Forensic Psychologist, Ellena prides herself on providing

an empathic, thoughtful, and understanding approach to the

assessment and formulation of clients.  Her experience of working

in the public sector for over a decade, highlighted to her the lack

of appropriate services for young people (amongst others) who

have had contact with the criminal justice system.  Starting IPS

enabled her to provide the assessment, representation, and

support to young people in court, school, or in the care system. 

Alongside her work with children and young people she has also

fought for adults in the criminal justice system, particularly individuals

who have previously struggled to engage with services and have often

fallen through the gaps of service provision.  She is a champion of the

profession of psychology and valuing the individuals working within it.

IPS aims to provide easier access to Psychologists and mental health

professionals for agencies requiring specialist assessment, reports,

consultation, and treatment for their clients.  Our focus for the future

is to keep building the outstanding services that we offer and providing

thoughtful and empathic assessment and intervention to our clients. 

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